Tips On How to Improve Reading Skills

woman reading

As a parent, you have to ensure your child develops strong reading skills. The truth is that reading is the basic foundation of all other subjects taught in schools. If reading becomes difficult, then comprehension required to master other subjects such as history, science, geography, and mathematics remain elusive.

a man readingSince reading is critical to the understanding of other subjects and to achieve high performance in school, understanding how you can improve your child’s reading skills is quite remarkable. After knowing what works and what does not, a parent can play a vital role in helping the child build much-needed reading skills. You should note that no single factor can help improve reading skills. Instead, there are different factors, and some are more important as compared to others. Although there are many, there are some that are more important. The following are some of the tips that can help parents improve the reading skills of their children.

Be a Role Model

Usually, children monitor what their parents are doing and mimic whatever they see. This can be quite intimidating in some situations. Do you dread your children coping bad habits from you? The truth is that the little mimics can help your child improve his or her reading skills. Thus, you should allow your child to be with you when you are reading. You can turn off the TV and enjoy reading books on your tablet or e-reader. Tell your kids the importance of reading books. If your child asks a question, help him or her to seek the answer online or in a book and ensure that reading is involved.

Focus on Engagement and Interest

kid readingIf reading is a chore that a child has to do to meet his or her teacher’s requirements, then you will realize that progress will be quite slow. This is the case when it comes to areas such as fluency and comprehension. In any case, simply saying the words is not the same as understanding them. When a child is interested in what the words he or she is reading mean, then the child will become engaged in trying to understand their meaning. Therefore, you have to ensure that reading is interesting and fun. You can do this by targeting the interests of your child and showing interest in what he or she is reading.


Reading is a tough skill that is likely to take many years to master. Just like most complex skills such as painting, the right way to improve is through practice. Therefore, you should do whatever is required to ensure your child enjoys reading practice. For instance, you can schedule reading time daily. This can be before dinner or before going to bed. Ensure your child is supervised when reading and provide the right feedback.

If reading is fun, then your child will enjoy it. Your child will start practicing and even begin reading on his or her own. Get books that are fun to read. For example, you can introduce short books or comic works.

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